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The Alex Story

I have been photographing something since childhood, the camera was with me almost always. 10 -15 years ago I accidentally went to Peter Lik Art gallery and the world turned upside down! I understood how and what I want to photograph. I don't see anything wrong with learning from a master. Yes, I consider this artist a person who guided me and gave me faith in myself. From that moment I sold the equipment of my photo studios, the necessary equipment was bought, and I became a landscape photographer.

Each of my vacations, instead of lying on the beach, I hired a local driver with a car, and he took me to the most interesting and spectacular places. I saw something that ordinary tourists have never seen, they just were not taken there. Often, I had to come to some places again and again to wait for the sky and the right rays of the sun. For example, my series of sunsets was filmed from the same location over the course of two years. I invite you to enjoy my works.

Alex Zap, New York 2022

“Alexander Zaporozhets (ALEX) is a well-known photographer in Ukraine, Russia and in the post-Soviet countries. He exhibited his work in many famous exhibition halls of these countries, his art galleries worked in Ukraine and Russia, did charity work: he taught the basics of panoramic photography for free and sponsored three baseball children's teams in Ukraine and Russia.

The main direction of his work is shooting landscapes in a panoramic format (3x1), photography is done on film with little interference in the processing of images, this technology allows you to print pictures in large format without losing image quality, they can be admired from any, even the smallest distance. His works have decorated the interiors of a number of apartments, houses and offices, and have replenished more than one private collection.

Everything was changed by the senseless and cruel war between Russia and Ukraine, as a result of which the artist was forced to stop his work and business. An important decision was made to change the geography of his business. Author's sharp speeches against Putin's policies on the Internet resulted in complete absence of information about him, even the photographer's personal website was blocked.

“Creating and running a business in South and North America is interesting and promising, I'm sure I will be here for a long time…” - he said in his interview. When asked about the continuation of charitable activities, he replied: “I will get involved definitely! Open a company, start a business, and the next step will be to create a fund to help Ukrainian citizens who have suffered from Russian aggression. It’s terrible when, through the fault of corrupt politicians led by Putin who seized power, people of another state suffer, I will definitely help.”

“His works radiate warmth…”, “You look at these pictures and it's as if you are yourself at this waterfall…” - visitors of the exhibitions wrote in the guest books. So it is, if these pictures are made by a person with such a big and kind heart.”

Mary Kogerer, Dubai, 2022