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What is an Alexander Zaporozhets company name and the address?

Anna & Alex Art Inc  9703 Avellino Avenue, Unit 1301, Fl, 32819, USA

How much will shipping cost?

As our product sizes vary, you will be able to find accurate shipping costs on the cart and checkout pages. If you want your stuff there faster, see Expedited and Overnight shipping cost at checkout.

Can I ship to a P.O. Box?


International Orders

For any international sales, artwork will be shipped directly to you. For any inquiries, please email info@alex.cam and we can offer additional information. Note: we may decline to ship to certain destinations, such as countries subject to embargoes, sanctions, war, disturbances, local regulations, or other restrictions.

How accurate are the item dimensions listed on your web pages?

Art.com verifies the dimensions of all images on our site, but due to industry standards sizes can vary slightly up to (1½").

Where can I see the art in person?

We currently operate Gallery with locations in the Orlando, Florida

Can I use the images found on your website?

All images and content are the property of Alexander Zaporozhets. Images may not be in any way reproduced, copied, printed or scanned. All images must not be used without expressed prior permission via written consent from Anna & Alex Art Inc.

For media and broadcast requests, please contact us for approvals prior to printing or filming.

Contact info@alex.cam to submit a request for image use.